Friday, September 02, 2005

Definitely a dot-oh release

Web 2.0 is a really good name for the proliferating set of open consumer web services taking the internet by storm. One of the better descriptions of the phenomenon can be found here.

The "2.0" part of the name is quite fitting. Like most ".0" releases, it only sort of works.

I added Bloglet to my blog last week to allow readers to subscribe via email. I have posted a few entries since, but not a single email has been delivered.

No doubt this is partially just an illustration of the adage "you get what you pay for" (Bloglet is free). Still, for those of us who don't want to wait for Web 2.1, tolerance is a prerequisite.

Meanwhile, I've converted my budding email subscriber base from Bloglet to Feedblitz. Please adjust spam blockers accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Another service that allows email subscription is R|Mail from I use it to subscribe to your blog and it works fine.

Not sure if the blog publisher gets any visibility to the subscribers.

Providing E-mail subscriptions to blogs seems to be such an obvious thing to do. Not sure why Google (i.e. Blogger) or other services do not provide this feature by default. As you say maybe in Web 2.1...

John Yau said...

I actually prefer reading through my RSS reader that I can access anywhere over the Internet. Since blogs don't demand timely replies, I prefer reading them at my leisure. My inbox is already bloated as is, no need to add to it. I suspect many share the same sentiment.

John Yau