Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Small Businesses are Starting to 'Get' Local 2.0

As an investor in Yelp, I was delighted to discover this blog post by


Andy Tran said...


Reading this post two weeks ago, I discovered an effective marketing process. Thank you so much for
posting your inspirational thoughts.
I really like the way you summarize Peggy's discovery. Despite of my English As A Second Language", I want to write a book "How To Turn Unhappy Customers Into
Satisfied Clients".
Thanks again for the inspirations


RevuPages.com said...


Can you share what made you invest in Yelp.com?? How do you compare it with Mojopages.com? I am soon to launch a similar product with truly unique features... are you in? :)

Jeremy said...

Revupages, there are a lot of reasons why I invested in Yelp. Most importantly, I got excited by the talents and passions of the founding team. I also liked the local ad market they were pursuing -- it is both very large and ripe for change with the offline yellow pages dominating but vulnerable.