Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scan Artist Population Continues to Grow

MIT Technology Review's Simon Garfinkel has announced he, too, is a Scan Artist. He has good taste in scanners. Welcome to the club, Simon.

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Seltzer with an H said...

My name is Jason, and I am also a Scan Artist.

About two years ago, I sent every photograph I had to a service that scanned all of them at high resolution and sent me back DVDs with all the JPGs (and the photos too). They are now backed up in multiple locations and categorized for easy searching. And they don't fade.

Think about all the Katrina coverage- people were sifting through the rubble of their homes for photographs. I've also been a situation where my neighboring building in Chicago burned down, and while I was lucky my place was okay, I realized that the only things that were truly irreplaceable were my photographs. I've since taken the time to scan important documents (insurance policy, pictures of my family, license, passport, etc) and put it on an encrypted jumpdrive so that it's available in an emergency.

I'm trying to convince my small office to get a copier/scanner combo so that it's really easy for me to scan my important docs and so I can be free of paper files.